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This career of mine began in Sarasota, FL, where I went to high school at the wonderfully eccentric Pine View and worked after school at a small company selling omega-3 fish oil. I attended Barnard College at Columbia University, where I majored in Ancient Studies (like Classics, but interdisciplinary) because I love the Aeneid and simply could not help myself. After graduating, I began working at Voce Communications, which was then absorbed into Porter Novelli, where I still happily work today, many years later. (By the way, what I write here isn’t necessarily the opinion of my employer.) I currently hold the roles of Account Supervisor and Senior Content Strategist, leading special content projects, strategy research, and day-to-day publishing programs for all kinds of clients. I also represent many of my clients on Wikipedia, where I work within the community’s guidelines to request edits and make Wikipedia better.

I’m here because I love to write about all the things I find fascinating and exciting, and I want to share that writing with you. I’m cracking open my brain and inviting you inside. I hope the stuff I post strikes a chord, makes you feel seen, or opens up new vistas of perspective. Thanks for reading.

Photo credit: Omri Drucker

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